Area : 1,861,484 sq km
Population :34,847,910
Growth Rate : 1.83% (2013 est.)
Religion :The majority are Muslims. In south, the
majority are animist and around Christian.

GovernmentSystem :
The Republic of Sudan is divided into 26 states.
Each state has a Governor (Wali), Legislative
Council, and Council of Ministers.
Languages :Arabic (official national language), English (Commercial), Nubian, Ta Bedawie, diverse
dialects of Nilotic, Nilo-Hamitic, Sudanic
languages are also used.
Weight &
: Metric system

Principal Main
Cities :
Khartoum (Capital), Khartoum North,
Omdurman, Atbara, Port Sudan.
Currency : The official currency is the Sudanese Dinar.
However, prices quoted locally are usually in